Let’s Review

Monday - Felt like crap but still went grocery shopping, paid for it later.

Tuesday - Felt like crap so I went to the awesome clinic not too far from here, given fluids and drugs via IV, given devil prescription, sent home.  Didn’t get prescription because I thought it was just for diarrhea which I wasn’t having an issue with anymore.

Wednesday - Got prescription and realized it was an antibiotic I had to take for five days, started taking them, wished I would die.

Thursday - Wanted to die.

Friday - Wanted to die but still went to see The Avengers.

Saturday - Wanted to die a bit less which was good because now husband is sick with whatever I had.

Sunday - Oddly feeling ok, husband sick, baby gets sick in afternoon, oh there’s the death wish feeling.  Just took my last antibiotic and going to bed.